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To get you started, here are some exemplars from our very own Deann Singh that you can download for your personal use:

Italics | Copperplate | Italic Monoline

These are PDF downloads; you will need Adobe's Acrobat or Acrobat Reader to view them.

Below are some local classes taught by SfC members:

Calligraphy Classes and Tutoring

with Kristi Darwick

Studio Calligraphy Classes

with Barbara Close

Designing Letters

with DeAnn Singh

Carrie Imai: Calligraphy and Design

with Carrie Imai

Otis College of Art & Design

Calligraphy Art & Instruction

with Risa Gettler


Calligraphy Classes and Tutoring

Rowland Heights and Riverside areas

Kristi Darwick

UC Riverside Extension class


Studio Calligraphy Classes

Barbara Close

Barbara Close introduces a comprehensive program in calligraphy and related art techniques. The program presents a logical course-study based on a solid foundation in historic and contemporary letterforms, layout and design, materials and tools, book design and business applications.

The courses are designed to be completed within a year, with a beautifully designed certificate of achievement at the end of the program. Students may enter the program at the beginning of each session, not mid-course.

Questions: go to: www.barbclose.com

Studio is located adjacent South Coast Plaza Shopping Mall

North of Sunflower, next to the OCFA Gallery

Artists’ Studio

3851 Bear Street, Studio B

Santa Ana, CA 92704


Otis College of Art & Design


Summer Calligraphy Classes

All SfC members will receive an Otis catalog.

Classes last year were approximately $125 with a discount for taking all three. There's also a registration fee & parking although you can usually park on the street on Sat.

For more info, contact Otis College or Linda Dare.


Designing Letters

DeAnn Singh

310 702-4042




Emerson Adult Center

8810 Emerson Ave.

Westchester, CA 90045

(310) 258-2000