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The Society for Calligraphy, Southern California, is a non-profit educational organization which promotes the study, teaching and practice of calligraphy and related disciplines. It fosters the appreciation, understanding and acceptance of calligraphy as a fine art. It also encourages fellowship and the exchange of ideas through its speakers, program meetings, workshops, journal and bulletin, annual retreat and regional groups.

It is funded by membership dues and contributions, which are tax-deductible. Annual dues are $42. No test of skills is required to join. Contributions are happily accepted. Bonus points are given for nice envelopes. For more information, write to the address below or call one of the phone numbers listed below. To join, Email Dave or fill out this form.

The Society for Calligraphy, Southern California
P.O. Box 64174 Los Angeles, California 90064-0174

 Contact this person if you...  
e-mail or phone
…need general information or would like to make a suggestion or voice a concern.
Kristi Darwick
…would like information on New Member Socials.
Sunny Ba
Vice President
…would like a calligraphy demonstration for your organization.

…would like information on calligraphy classes in your area
Kristi Darwick
…need general board Secretary information.
Marjorie Grace-Sayers
…would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the SfC or one of our scholarship funds.
Sabina Bronner
…would like to sign up for one of our workshops with local talent or internationally recognized calligraphy and book artists.
Rosana Ang
…would like the locations of the free lectures we sponsor several times per year.
Chava Gerber
…need information on exhibits of calligraphic art and artists books.
Jenny Allen
…have questions or input regarding our Calligraph journal and other publications.
Karin Gable
…want to submit information to this website or would like to share good news about other SfC members. Or if you notice a problem with the website.
Alisara Tareekes
Web Coordinator
…would like to advertise your event or program in our mailings (board approval may be needed).
Sylvia Kowal
…would like to become a member or inquire about membership.

…have a problem with SfC mailings getting to you.

…would like to be added to the Freelancers page (members only).
Dave Mark
…need information on any of our 5 Regional groups throughout SoCal.
Chris Ewen
Regional Liaison
…would like to be related to the public.
Dave Mark
Public Relations
Supporting Volunteers      
…would like to place an ad, submit timely information to our newsletter (published four times yearly), have an event listed in the web calendar or if you would like to advertise workshops, lectures, exhibits, etc.
Carol Hicks
Bulletin/E-bulletin editor/Website content
Karin Gable
Event Fliers
C.C. Sadler
Audio-Visual Expert
…can provide historical information or documentation OR have a question about SfC history.
DeAnn Singh
…need information regarding the annual retreat.
Ann Lawrence